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Renovation for First-Timers

Written by Jaime Koh of HYJK Design, 09 December 2019

Fret not, we’ll break down what goes on in a renovation in this article!

Picture this – you just got your keys to that apartment you’ve been dreaming about for months. You have decided to engage the services of an Interior Designer to outfit your unit with all the bits and bobs that make the empty shell of an apartment into a cosy space you can call home. Apprehension, attributable to the general complexities involved in a renovation, is to be expected. Let us shatter that impression and break down what actually goes into renovating a house!

We need to get some things straight first. Understand that no two renovation projects are alike; every unit is different, and everyone has different requirements, so the ‘to-do’ list may vary, often quite significantly, from project to project. The following is, in order of completion, what is needed to realise your dream home!

1. Hacking

As its name implies, hacking is the process in which surfaces which will not be preserved (think wall & floor tiles, and any other walls that may stand in the way of achieving the end goal), is removed. Dependent on the job scope, some renovation projects may not even require any hacking!

2. Partition & Brick Walls

New walls are erected. This can also be used to seal off doorways and interior windows within the unit.

3. Door Frames & Windows

New door frames and windows are installed. Doors, grilles and other window treatments are often installed at a later date.

4. Tiling

Tiles can be overlaid on top of existing tiles or laid after removing the existing tiles. If you do decide to overlay tiles, note that the thickness of the walls will increase and so will the floor level. Also, if the old tiles underneath “pop out”, the new tiles will be damaged as well. Wet areas such as the bathrooms, kitchen and balcony require application of a water-proofing layer, to keep the water from seeping through the concrete and into the unit below.

5. Plastering

With all the tiles in place, and all the walls & ceiling bare, a skim of plaster is applied to smoothen said walls in preparation for paint.

6. Electrical Works Part I

The wiring for the entire unit is pulled. Mounting boxes for the switches and sockets are installed. For switches and sockets located within carpentry, these will be installed after carpentry is installed.

7. Painting Part I

Painting works are done before the carpentry is installed. We recommend applying paint sealer. This locks in the surface, and helps promote adhesion for the new paint that will go on. Paint can then be applied.

8. Carpentry

The carpenter would have made measurements before this. Fabrication is done at the factory and then delivered to the project site for installation. With most of the major works complete, the carpentry can then be installed.

9. Door, Gate & Grilles

Doors, both the main door and any other interior doors there might be, are fitted. The gate and grilles are installed as well.

10. Electrical Works Part II

Remaining switch and socket outlets are installed. Lights and fans are installed too. If there is a false ceiling installed, the false ceiling must be reinforced before a ceiling fan may be installed.

11. Painting Part II

Any imperfections, as well as other marks and scrapes caused by other interior works, will be touched up.

12.  Cleaning

The finished house is then thoroughly cleaned to get rid of the dust and dirt produced during the renovation.

13. Window Treatment

Curtains and blinds go up!

14. Decoration and Furniture

Delivery and arrangement of furniture, and fixtures, décor and displays.

15. Moving In

The moving company comes in! One final round of cleaning and you’re all set to move into your new home!

Now you know what goes on in a renovation, we suggest airing out the space to let any remaining paint and glue vapours dissipate! Fine dust particles in the air can take up to 4 weeks upon completion to finally settle down.

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