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How to Instantly Improve Your Home Environment during this Circuit Breaker

Written by Jaime Koh of HYJK Design, 13 April 2020

During this Circuit Breaker period, many of us have to work from home when we typically don’t do so. We’ve outlined 3 ways to improve your home environment.
  1. Set Up Your Zone 

Do you have to work from home? Or have children in the household who have to do home based learning? If you answered yes, then you would have to set up a space for working and studying. If you do not have a space set up yet, here’s how you can go about it: 

    • Select a conducive space that has minimal walking traffic or activity occurring in that space (e.g. someone watching TV). If possible, choose a spot that has access to natural lighting as this will give you a sense of well-being. Ensure you have sufficient artificial lighting for your work as well.  
    • Set up your work station and make it as ergonomic as possible. Lacking a desk or lacking space? We’ll share some ways you can fit a work desk for the short term.  
1 Have a bay window? Use it as a seat. For stationery and files, simply place a try on top of upholstered surfaces. 
2 Consider setting up a spare table or folding table in the bedroom 
3 Not the ideal height? Or looking to set up a standing desk? No problem. Use books or a container to prop a flat surface up. The top surface is a plank of shelving which we removed from a cabinet. 
4 Uninspiring? Throw on a tablecloth and add some decorations. Small plants are great! 
5 You can also make use of the coffee table. Prop it up to your ideal height! 
2.  Get Into the Zone
In this segment, we share some tips on how to get into the zone and minimise distractions while working from home.  

  • Facing – avoid having your back to the door, entrance or other high traffic areas 
  • Temperature – ensure a comfortable temperature setting on your air-conditioning, not too hot and not too cold so you can focus on work rather than the temperature of the room 
  • Lighting – go for Cool White or Daylight lighting to increase productivity. Warm White lighting is usually used for relaxing. 
  • Noise Reduction – Other housemates cooking, cleaning or watching TV? Put on a headphone and if you have a noise cancelling headphone, even better! What to put on? Some say All Day by Girl Talk puts them in the zone. The tune is familiar enough with a fast tempo but you can’t quite sing to the lyrics. Youtube has an hour long version for that.
3. Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!  

You’ve heard this before, keep washing your hands and keep your personal hygiene up! If you have to go out, bring along a bottle of sanitiser with you when you head out. Keep your home surfaces clean including main door handles, gates and even basin taps. There is always a possibility for the virus to make their way onto the delivery packaging so even if we do not go out, we have to take certain precautions. 

Looking for a longer term method? We are fortunate to know a partner that is providing services to apply the AirTumTM surface coating which is 99.99% efficient in degrading Corona virus, similar to what they’ve done for lift buttons for HDBs. Their past clients include Institute of Mental Health (IMH), MindChamps and GuocoLand to name a few. What’s great is that it doesn’t break the bank, starting from as low as $100.  

Click here to contact us for more information on AirTumTM. During this Circuit Breaker period, our team remains operationally ready for any inquiries, quotations and design consultation.  



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