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Myth: High Thread Counts Are All That Matter When Buying Bedsheets

Written by Jaime Koh of HYJK Design, 21 June 2020

Bamboo Sateen Sheets from Sunday Bedding 

Looking to buy new bedsheets? Here’s what you ought to know to get great bedsheets that fit your lifestyle and budget.  

Thread Count

It’s been a common misconception that the way to determine good quality sheets, is by its thread count. While many high thread count sheets are very soft and cost quite a bit, there are lower thread count sheets that are lower cost yet still very soft. In fact, a higher thread count does not always mean higher quality. 

So what is thread count? It refers to the number of threads in one square inch of sheet fabric. This usually ranges from 150 to 1,000 or more.  


For sheets that do not specify the type of weave used, they are usually basic weave and tend to be of low thread count and do not cost too much. Other than the basic weave, percale and sateen weaves are common.  

For percale weave, the cotton is combed, tightly woven, and is of a higher quality than basic weaves. They are strong and durable, with a crisp feel. For a lighter fabric, select percale sheets with a thread count from 200 to 400 and for a heavier fabric, select a thread count from 400 to 600. 

Sateen (not satin) weave sheets are soft, silky and have a slight sheen. Sateen sheets are extra soft but are not the best choice for durability. Consider selecting a set with a thread count between 300 and 600 for strength without a loss of softness. 


In sunny Singapore, bamboo sheets are on the rise, many replacing their cotton sheets with bamboo sheets. Here’s a simple comparison between the two fabrics to help you decide: 

  Bamboo  Cotton 
Softness Generally Softer 

Generally Less Soft 

(But largely depends the weave and thread count) 

Coolness Factor  Generally More Cooling  Generally Less Cooling 
Environmentally Friendly  More  Less Environmentally Friendly unless it’s Organic Cotton 
Moisture Wicking  More  Less 
Durability / Ease of Maintenance  Less  More 


Back then, with a tighter budget, I didn’t spend too much on bedsheets and have been using my not-so-soft bedsheets for a couple of years until it annoyed me enough to finally invest in decent sheets. Sunday Bedding launched their awesome sheets and I got a set – no regrets and looking to get more. I personally love bamboo sheets and I love the ones from Sunday Bedding. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they are extremely soft, cooling and comfortable. Great for moisture wicking and perfect for men and ladies who perspire easily.  

Shop their products here: Sunday Bedding 

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