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Looking to Inject Art into Your Home?

Written by Jaime Koh of HYJK Design, 25 January 2019

Liven up your home with art. This week, we feature works from Deepa Rani of Oviyam Arts.

1. Mural

This mural was commissioned for a child’s bedroom at The Crest Condominium.

2. Mixed Media Art

A collection of things.

3. Oil Paintings

One of the most popular art media in interior decorating. Pick a piece you like or commission a piece.

SPENT MARIGOLDS Palette knife oil painting on canvas. Marigolds are known to bloom well from spring till fall. The dark background and the spent marigolds gives a omnious feeling of the impending winter.

REMINISCENCE Oil with paper mache on canvas. This piece is part a collection where it features the rear of various groups of people feeling joy in the midst of the dark and gloomy weather. A single lady suddenly recollects her not so lonely past as she walks by.

4. Paint Your Own

Oviyam Arts conducts private art classes for children and adults. Nothing gets more personal than a painting of your own making.

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Artwork by Nithya – Deepa Rani’s student.

Find out more about Oviyam Arts at <<>>.

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